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Are you curing your hemorrhoids, or just making them worse?  If you'll stick with me for just a minute you will learn how to treat hemorrhoids naturally from home In as little as 48 hrs and download the free hemorrhoid cure report. An important factor that the medical community neglects to tell hemorrhoid sufferers is that most methods of treating hemorrhoids, including surgery and over-the-counter remedies, are not actually cures. They are simply removing the symptoms temporarily, which in the case of hemorrhoids is the swollen vein. There are, however, fast acting treatments for hemorrhoids that will get rid of your symptoms AND treat the underlying cause thereby preventing their return. The holistic treatments that I'm referring to are all natural and can cure hemorrhoids in as fast as 48 hours. I'll get into this more in depth later. But first a quick lesson about what hemorrhoids are and why they occur in the first place (read more about hemorrhoid treatments here...).  


Treating The Different Types Of Hemorrhoids

Let's start with a quick explanation of what the various types of hemorrhoids are. There are basically 2 types of hemorrhoids. The first is the internal type which occurs inside the anal canal. These tend to be more itchy than painful. They may bleed and protrude making it sometimes difficult to clean the area. The second type is the external type. These usually don't require medical attention as long as a clot doesn't develop. Of the 2 types these tend to be more painful.

The severity of hemorrhoids is described as being First-degree (where the hemorrhoid does not protrude from the anus) through Fourth-degree (where it protrudes all of the time). The problem with surgery is that it usually cures hemorrhoids, however the success in the long-term for hemorrhoid surgery depends a great deal on how successful the patient is in changing their daily bowel habits (hoping to avoid any constipation and the straining it causes).

There is a way to treat hemorrhoids with an all natural remedy in less than 48 hours. And it is effective on all types of hemorrhoids. But first let's take a look at some of the more conventional treatments that you may have been considering (that often don't work very well).

Treatment Of Hemorrhoids With The Various Methods

The typical treatment methods for hemorrhoids include home treatment, nonsurgical fixative procedures, and finally surgery. These treatments may lead to disappointing results.


This option, called a hemorrhoidectomy, is a surgical removal of the hemorrhoid and is one of the most common ways of how to treat internal hemorrhoids that have become very large. If the internal hemorrhoids are small they are usually only treated with surgery if there are more than one hemorrhoids present, if there is uncontrolled bleeding, or if both external and internal hemorrhoids are involved. This is usually (and should be) done as a last resort.


What a fixative procedure attempts to do is to restrict the supply of blood that the hemorrhoid receives. In theory this causes the hemorrhoid to eventually shrink. These types of treatments, that are considered to be nonsurgical in nature, are usually able to cure most smaller and occasionally some of the larger internal hemorrhoids.

Home Treatment

The types of methods commonly used to treat hemorrhoids at home mainly involve over the counter remedies (creams, ointments, etc) and having healthier bowel habits. These are a lot easier but tend to have a low success rate. But don't let that discourage you. There is a fast and effective natural way to treat hemorrhoids without the painful procedures 

and their side effects. And this hemorrhoid treatment is guaranteed to work.


Classic Hemorrhoid Symptoms

An external hemorrhoid is defined as one that is outside the anal cavity that usually is felt as a bulge in the anus.  At times they might not cause the usual symptoms, however they are often itchy and painful.

An internal hemorrhoid would be defined as being inside the anal cavity.  The symptoms can include what is often called a sensation of fullness, meaning that the individual feels as though they need to have a bowel movement whether there is any stool present or not. The discomfort only becomes worse if the person strains. The end of a bowel movement is usually accompanied by painless bleeding. It should be noted that blood in the stool may be a symptom of other serious conditions so it should be examined by a medical professional.

Sometimes when the hemorrhoid prolapses (can be seen outside the anus), there is irritation, itching, a painful lump, swelling,  and possibly even acute pain in the area around the anus.  This may also result from the hemorrhoid becoming twisted or a blood clot developing (also referred to as a thrombosed hemorrhoid). These may also need to  be examined by a health professional.

Try These Simple Self-Help Tips


1. Probably the easiest rule is "Do not delay going".  Delaying a bowel movement can make constipation even worse, which causes and aggravates hemorrhoids. So don't wait until it is more convenient. Go as soon a possible.

2. Try elevating your feet with a step stool (it doesn't have to be much) while sitting on the toilet. Doing this will change the position and angle of the rectum such that it may allow the stool to pass through more easily with less discomfort.

3. Try lubricating. Now this isn't as weird as it sounds. It simply means to mix mineral oil (about a table spoon) with your breakfast or lunch. This will permit the stool to slip past the hemorrhoid without incident.  The main hazard of doing this is the possibility of anal leakage, so only do this for short periods of time.

4. Adding fiber to your diet will do wonders. Ideally this should be done with the food you eat, but it is not always possible to get the 20 - 30 grams of fiber that you need every day. If you need to take a supplement begin with something like Metamucil. This may cause bloating (from gas) because it contains primarily psyllium.  If this is the case you may have to use a product made with methylcellulose or dextrin (from wheat).

5. Use a sitz bath. This is simple to do and can offer some relief. What it is (in case you never heard of one) is a basin that goes beneath the toilet seat. You then soak the hemorrhoid area for roughly 10 minutes. This is usually done 2-3 times every day, or as needed.

6. Try one of the many over-the-counter remedies that are on the market. The most common products consist of pads that have been infused with witch hazel and creams, such as Preparation H.

These tips may offer some relief of the symptoms, but if you want to get rid of hemorrhoid symptoms forever you need get to the root of the problem.

Are there any risks of not treating my hemorrhoids?

Well, simply put, if you decide against treating your hemorrhoids then you most likely will continue to experience discomfort, the pain, or even possibly bleeding (which if it is bad enough could cause you to become anemic). And they are probably going to get worse.Therefore, my recommendation is to use a holistic method since they are natural (safer) and a LOT more effective. These techniques treat not only the symptoms but also the cause so that the hemorrhoids do not return.

The All Natural Cure That Works

My research leads me to give the H Miracle system my highest recommendation . This is the most complete and most effective holistic remedy system I have found. The reason I recommend the H-Miracle method so highly is that every natural holistic method found within this system has an amazing success rate, even for the most stubborn cases. From the simple exercises and diet, to the "secret" Chinese remedy, their system is so complete that the wealth of information it contains may actually seem a little overwhelming. So you might want to take notes when you're going through it. So use these natural remedies and don't waste any more time and money on junk that doesn't work (or worse, has dangerous side effects).

The Decision Is Simple

Look, you came to this site for the same reason that everyone else did. You're tired of suffering with this. So do what so many others who came to this site have done. They took action. Hemorrhoids can get worse over time, which makes them much harder to eliminate. So procrastinating is the worst thing you can do. You can choose to do nothing, OR make a positive decision and try this FAIL-SAFE remedy that's GUARANTEED to work (without the side-effects). 

You can begin to heal your hemorrhoids immediately by clicking here or on the banner below to check out the H Miracle site and to receive your free report. You don't have to suffer any longer.

I wish you the best of health.


Updates - How To Treat Hemorrhoids 
 Check back occasionally, as I will be adding short updates in this section. --------------------------------------------------------------------- 
April 6, 2017 The conventional homeopathic treatments usually only aggravate or are useless to the hemorrhoid problem. This seems to be a common experience!
April 2, 2017 This is why my research has found that natural cures are not only safer but also a lot more effective. Especially to treat thrombosed hemorrhoids.
 Mar 12, 2017 Another common remedy (probably the most popular) is using creams. The way these work is by relaxing the surrounding tissue so that a flare up is not as likely to occur. However, this is at best a temporary fix. The hemorrhoid will return after time. 
Mar 2, 2017 The greatest risk of deciding not to treat your hemorrhoids is that you will probably continue to experience the pain and the discomfort. Or you could even experience bleeding which could be severe enough to cause anemia. 
Feb 5, 2017 In my personal research, I found that it's usually preferable to first try the safer procedures before going to the extreme treatments which is why I recommend natural remedies (especially this one because of the speed that it works) to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy .
Jan 9, 2017 If you've tried the many types of hemorrhoid remedies then you most likely understand the differences of how each is used. The first popular type is creams and ointments, followed by suppositories and finally pills.
Jan 3, 2017 There is an ancient Chinese "Fargei" treatment that they do not want you to find out about. Often the Chinese herbalists aren't even aware of it. 
Dec 18, 2016 Try to cut back on unhealthy processed sugars and fats. Processed foods can cause constipation and cause hemorrhoids to form, or possibly make existing ones even worse.
Nov 25, 2016 Most of the ancient Chinese natural cures do get to the root of the problem and will prevent any future occurrences of the hemorrhoids. 
Oct 25, 2016 Natural treatments, aside from costing less, do not just mask the symptoms. They fix the actual problem, and are an effective way how to treat external hemorrhoids. 
Sept 4, 2016 The conventional homeopathic treatments usually only aggravate or are useless to the hemorrhoid problem. This seems to be a common experience! 
Aug 13, 2016 Another reason that I trust natural a treatment of hemorrhoids is that many of the treatments have been around for so long and have proven themselves. More updates coming soon. So check back often.